Root Canal Treatments in Toronto
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Root Canal Treatments in Toronto

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Root Canal Therapy Toronto Bloof Dufferin

Endodontics is the field of dentistry which deals with the internal tissues of the teeth. A root canal treatment is the most common endodontic procedure.

What is a root canal therapy?

Root canal therapy is the treatment for injury within the pulp chamber, which is the hollow area inside a tooth consisting of nerves, blood vessels, soft tissues, and connective tissues. A root canal treatment is needed when there is a deep cavity that affects the nerve inside the pulp chamber of the tooth. If a cavity is found to be near the pulp, it is likely already infected. A dental X- ray allows the dentist to locate the infected area. Root canal eliminates the pain and removes any infected tissues. If the infected pulp is left untreated, pain and swelling will continue and patients may possibly lose their tooth.

Root canal procedure

Root canal treatment starts by clearing out damaged areas of the tooth under local anesthetic. Once the pulp chamber has been breached, more anesthetic may be injected to relieve any further pain. All the tissues within the tooth will be removed and the inside will be disinfected. The root canals will be filled with a rubber- like material called gutta- percha filling and the pulp chamber is filled with cotton, and a temporary filling used to seal the opening. During the next visit, the temporary filling will be replaced with a core buildup and the tooth is finished with a filling or crown.

The anatomy of root canals differ between individuals and some teeth may have a more variable structure than others. The complexity of root canal treatments has been studied extensively by Bloor dentist Dr. Tom Nguyen, and he is happy to assist patients in having a healthy and painless smile.

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